2023 Is For Birds

Bird Watching is One of The Most Relaxing And Peaceful Hobbies That Anyone Can Do.

Have you ever listened to the birds singing outside and wondered about the awe and joy that is our world? We can learn a lot about the human race just by observing the natural world around us.

A great way to do this is to explore bird watching as a hobby.

The theatre of nature is opened up to you through this wonderful hobby for an entire lifetime! Bird watching is the very best kind of fun. It’s easy, inexpensive, healthful, and satisfying.

Henry David Thoreau once said,

“Any day that you don’t go for a walk and enjoy naturei s a wasted day.” He couldn’t be more right.

Bird watching is growing in popularity around the world. In fact, it is only second to gardening! To the average person, bird watching may not seem to be too exciting or even insightful, but oh how wrong that image is!

Birds give us beauty, entertainment, observational skills, and so much more! It can be very challenging to identify species of birds. With this book, we’ll show you different ways you can not only identify birds, but how you can learn about their unique traits and even the songs they sing!

You Can Even Make Friends By Bird Watching!

And we’re not talking about feathered friends! There are bird clubs all over the world. These are people who have learned that bird watching is about so much more than looking at birds. It’s

about studying their movements, enjoying their songs, and noticing their habitats.

Joining one of these clubs can be the doorway to a whole new world. A world that’s full of information, appreciation for nature, and fun!

Bird clubs offer ways for your learn more about birds and the world around us. They also often plan exciting bird watching trips that can take you to new and exciting places as you notice new breeds of birds that you can’t find where you live.

Enter A Whole New World!

That’s the world of nature and the majesty of birds. From the wren to the eagle, you’ll gain a new appreciation for not only the bird as an animal, but the bird as a part of our whole world.

We have compiled an amazing guide to bird watching in “Bird Watching For Beginners”. The title really says it all. It’s a way to get started in bird watching in one definitive book being made

available to you! You don’t have to spend excess time and money looking for advice on how to get started. We’ve got it all here!

Bird watching is a simple sport, but it is a sport! It requires practice, concentration, and skills to become adept at it. The beginning bird watcher can’t go out one time and know exactly what kind of birds they encounter. It takes time and practice and – above everything else – patience!

Because you don’t need special equipment to watch birds, you can literally do it anywhere – parks, forests, even your own backyard! Learn what other birders already know – bird watching has more benefits than

What can you expect to gain when you start your bird watching journey? So much!

Fun. Big fun. Something deep seems to get fulfilled. A connection is made with the immense beauty of nature.

Satisfaction. Birding invokes our primeval hunting instincts. It delivers all the satisfaction of

the hunt, even though the prey itself escapes unharmed. Birding is the perfect sport for the 21st Century.

Health. Birding gets you vertical. It gets you outside and walking. But it’s effortless, because

your attention is on the birds. After a little birding, you’ve usually covered quite a bit of ground.

Family. Birding unites people across generations. By taking up birding, parents or grandparents can introduce their children to an interest in nature that will stay with them all their lives.


Companionship. Birding is the ideal social activity. A birder need never be lonely. Nearly every community has a birding club of some sort. And because birders love to share their knowledge, newcomers are always welcome.

Solitude. Birding is also the ideal solitary sport. There’s a special pleasure in going out alone to bird. Your mind settles down. Your senses open up, and all nature seems to become your friend. Birding is a sport of many moods, and it serves the causes of companionship and solitude equally well.

Bird watching is a terrific way to connect with family and friends or just a way to get away and relax as you enjoy nature.

Be The Expert Bird Watcher

Share the knowledge you will gain by reading this book with those around you. You’ll be giving them an amazing gift opening up a new world to them just like we’re opening it up for you.




A Couple of Coffee Tips for Fellow Drinkers

If you love coffee so much then now is the time that you should begin to understand how to get the best deals when buying your coffee, what are the best ways of grinding the beans, a wise way of storing the coffee and the proper way of preparing it to enjoy your coffee.

Many suggest buying coffee from a local roaster. I agree. Beginning with your local roaster gives you a couple of advantages. First, one is the freshness. You are somewhat guaranteed that what you get is quite fresh since these local roasters roast the coffee in smaller batches which also results in a tastier and more aromatic product.

When you buy coffee, make sure that you buy just enough for two weeks at a time. Buying a large stock is not good. At the end of the two weeks, the coffee begins to lose its rich flavor. It doesn’t matter whether the beans were roasted locally. Storing them for weeks is never good. Also, on a related note, you should stay away from shops that display their coffee in bins. The air that enters the display bins helps quicken the phase of flavor loss. You will loose a lot of the coffee’s flavor when you exposed a freshly roasted batch of beans to the air.

Most of the aroma and flavor come from the oils that come out after roasting the beans. The oil will evaporate when exposed to air and along with that the flavors and aroma of the coffee. Aside from air, heat, light and humidity are added factors that can increase the drop of the quality of the coffee.

When storing coffee, use vacuum containers. Some advise storing your coffee beans inside the freezer. However, if you’re going to store it in a freezer don’t make a habit of taking them out. When the coffee beans warm up, the condensation can damage them causing loss in flavor and aroma.

Ideally, never store ground coffee. What you should do is grind only the amount that you will need and store the beans. If you will store ground coffee, place it inside airtight containers and at room temperature. If you’re going to store coffee beans, make sure that you store only for a week, two weeks maximum. Storing beans any longer than that can drastically affect the overall taste and smell of the coffee.