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  1. Hi, my name is Brianne Greenwood and I am an archaeologist for the Missouri Department of Transportation. MoDOT is looking to improve the intersection of A Highway and 112th Street in Roosterville and, as part of my job, I am looking into the history of Roosterville. I’m looking for information on where it got its name, when exactly it was established, and who lived in the immediate area (the four corners and about 1/4 mile out). I read your blog entry on the history and all of the replies, so I did get some of the information I needed. However, I’m looking for a little more and I’m hoping you’ll be able to either help me or point me in the right direction. I’m looking for the location of the Groom house, which was in the NW quadrant of the intersection. I think I’ve located from old aerials but want to make sure. I’m also trying to find out what was in the little stand of trees in the SE quadrant. It looks to be about an acre of land that is squared off and more wooded than the surrounding area. I want to make sure there isn’t an unrecorded family cemetery there or anything else of importance. I know the Pickett family cemetery is in the NE quadrant but it will not be affected by the intersection improvements. Any help or contact information you can provide would be appreciated. Please feel free to pass along my contact information as well. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Brianne, I’ve posted your note to the website.
      Hopefully someone will have some more info.
      I know of the family cemetery on the NE quadrant.
      on the NW corner used to be a large barn and small farmhouse, both gone now.
      The NE quad, besides the gracesite, had a farm house on top of the hill.
      On the east side of A, just north of the intersection, there was a small house built of cement blocks. There may still be remnants of the foundation still there.
      I’m very interested in any information you may have come across.
      Thanks for your efforts!

    2. I am looking for pictures of the one room country school little shoal. I went to school there and my dad worked in the garage at one time. I had a brother drown along wit another boy. Michael Eugen Lindaman was my brother and the other boy that drowned with him was Robert Dorfell too. Looking for pics of the area and esp the school; thank you Linda Vandrell. around 1962/63

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