Form and Function in the Garden

Garden fence

There are so many options when it comes to building your vegetable garden. You can build ornamental structures like pergolas, trellises or archways to beautify your garden. You can even build walls or doorways to surround your garden for a more visual appeal.

Form over Function

There are countless ways you can beautify your garden.  Here are just a few:

You can decorate it with plants other than vegetables.

You can plant beautiful flowers to cover your trellis but choose flowers that are sun friendly and attract helpful insects. One example is trumpet flowers, which are not only beautiful attract bees which pollinate your vegetables.

Since you also want to attract other helpful creatures, you can build a bird bath or a bird house in your garden. If you’re particularly into organic gardening, the birds can certainly help eliminate pests. Keep in mind that they will also love your vegetables and fruits, so plant extra to share with them. As long as you keep your garden attractive to birds and other helpful insects, they will spend a lot of time in your garden and repay you by eating away harmful pests.

Supporting Your Plants

One great and necessary garden item is stakes. Make sure to drive them properly into the ground and space them a little ways from your plant to avoid hitting its roots.

Plant supports are essential garden structures. It’s important to use them in the proper way to maximize results. This doesn’t mean just shoving some stakes or cages in the ground and leaving your plants to grow on their own. Materials like plant ties, jute cords or twines can be used to tie your plants to the cages or poles. Be sure you don’t tie them too tight.

With a little thought and planning, your garden can provide you with lots of great home grown food as well as beauty to feed your soul. What more could you ask of that bit of the earth?

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