Peaceful Easy Feeling – NOT!

Freddy vs, Molly
Freddy vs, Molly

It’s a snowy Saturday in Roosterville.  February felt that she just had to take one last swat at us, and on this final day in the month the weather peoples are predicting up to 5″ of snow will be falling to the frozen turf.  Fortunately we have no pressing need to get out, and are all toasty warm inside, watching the snow fall on the feeders.

You might think “Aww, what a peaceful scene that must be.”  It’s NOT!  There’s a battle going on out there!  

Molly Mockingbird has lain claim to the feeders all morning, quickly chasing off any bird bold enough to try to drop in for a bite.  She’s been pretty successful at keeping all three feeders to herself.  The properly chastised interlopers line the tree limbs a short distance away, perhaps thinking Molly will eventually get her fill and fly off for a long winters nap.

Until Freddy Flicker came along, looking for a bite to eat.

Freddy is big enough to pretty much ignore Molly, or to display his own attack moves if she gets to be too much of a distraction to his enjoyment of the fine food provided.  The two have them have been out here bickering, biting, and chasing for at least an hour or more non-stop.  It’s been quite the show.

Peaceful easy feeling?   NOT!

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